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Bulgarian Philip Milanov is the new winner of the Audience Award and of the International Jury Award of the IX International Competition for Contemporary Choreography based on Bulgarian music for Margarita Arnaudova Award with his  performance "EXIT",  music by Dobrinka Tabakova

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IX Competition for Contemporary choreography based on Bulgarian music for Margarita Arnaudova award is supported by:

DSK Bank, Ministry of culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Etud Foundation 


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Margarita Arnaudova” Competition was founded by assoc. prof. Kalina Bogoeva in 1996. The international edition of the Competition is organized together with Ballet Arabesque and “Kalina Bogoeva” Foundation with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

The Competition is an expression of the creative necessity of Ballet Arabesque to seek interaction between Bulgarian composers and contemporary choreographers. The Competition encourages the quest for original ideas expressed in authentic, natural, contemporary dance language and style.

Margarita Arnaudova (1941-1994), whose name the Competition bears, is a whole epoch in contemporary dance in Bulgaria and her spirit is still perceived in Bulgarian culture as a bridge connecting the best from the past with the future.

In the competition can participate choreographers and dancers with professional experience in the sphere of contemporary dance . The competitors must be up to 40 years of age (i.e. born after December 31st, 1974). The competition takes place every three years.

Music compositions by five Bulgarian composers are offered, each of them with duration of about 20 minutes.  Each competitor has to choose one of them and make a choreography including three to six dancers. The choreographers selected in the final round of the competition will perform their  works with professional dancers from Ballet Arabesque.

Selected Bulgarian composers:

  1. Marin Goleminov
  2. George Arnaudov
  3. Dobrinka Tabakova
  4. Petar Dundakov
  5. Martin Lubenov

Suggested music can be used only for the purposes of the Competition.

Access to it  is provided after sending an e-mail to the following  address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


There are two awards:


Margarita Arnaudova” Award – EUR 1000 and Work of Art – is awarded by the audience by voting with tickets and it is presented by prof. Kalina Bogoeva, the founder of the award and president of “Kalina Bogoeva” Foundation.

The International Jury Award - EUR 2000.

Encouraging awards:

- Encouraging award for original idea

- Encouraging award for original interpretation of a musical composition

- Encouraging award for original dance language

The award-winners grant the rights of presenting their production to Ballet Arabesque for one year.

The choreographers have to be available to be photographed and interviewed by the media, for free; also they may not have any financial claims when parts of their productions are shot by TV companies for the purpose of advertising the event.


For the preliminary selection you have to send us the following materials:


- Application form – you may download it from the site (www.margaritaarnaoudova.org, www.arabesque.bg or by email on request..

- Applicant’s CV containing detailed information for his/her professional experience in the sphere of dance as well as feedback information for contact

- Choreographer’s photo

- Preliminary design of the production that is to be presented at the Competition (participants: 3 to 6 dancers)

- Video or DVD containing 3-minute fragment of a choreography based on one of the offered music compositions by Bulgarian composers.

- Video or DVD containing fragments of former productions by the choreographer made during the last three years

Deadline for sending all needed documents and materials is,

-      via e-mail to Ballet Arabesque This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  till August 3rd, 2014 or via mail to the following address: Ballet Arabesque, 3, Panayot Volov str, Sofia 1504, Bulgaria – the postal stamp not later then July 24th  2014

Selection Committee chosen by the Management of Ballet Arabesque and the award founder will evaluate the sent materials  and  will   pay special attention to the originality of the concept, music interpretation and dance language demonstrated in the fragment

Deadline for announcing the participants admitted to II round: The chosen participants  will be informed via e-mail  till August 11 th, 2014.

Selected choreographers confirm the participation in the final round of the competition till 18.08.2014 via email. After that the working period  with the group of Ballet "Arabesque" is determined and  a contract is signed.



-  In the II round participate from 3 to 4 selected projects

- The chosen choreographers will accomplish their productions with the participation of professional dancers from Ballet Arabesque  – from 3 to 6 dancers

- The choreographers must be available for rehearsals with the group for a period of 20 days between September 7th, till November 1st, 2014  specified in advance  signed contract

- All choreographers will have equal number of rehearsal hours depending on the duration of chosen music

- Travel expenses –in both directions – and health insurances for the period of their stay in Sofia are on the account of the applicants.

- Accommodation and daily expenses (according  to the Bulgarian legislation) of the finalists for their stay in Sofia are on the account of the Competition.

- Each choreographer will have  a budget at his/her disposal for non-complicated costumes, and probably for minimal décor and requisite necessary for the scenic performance of the production

- All choreographers will have at their disposal and on the account of the competition a professional Bulgarian artist for the costumes and décor as well as a lighting designer, they both will work together with the choreographers to form the whole vision of the Competition evening helping choreographers with their requirements and ideas.

- The copyright of the music played at the final evening is settled by the competition.

- For the final evening a stage  with black background and with  the size of 12 х 15 m will be provided, as well as a black dance floor.

- The final evening will take place on the 5th of  November  in front of audience and international jury and on the 12th of Novermber, 2014 -  Gala evening of the awarded choreography.

Ballet Arabesque

3 Panajot Volov str.

1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 988 6115

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Mobile: + 359 897 920920 Boriana Sechanova – Artistic director

             + 359 897 969780 Maya Mihailova - Manager

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